selling your home with style, smarts and savvy

No one approaches selling your home like I do
I bring a diverse set of business skills to the table. In addition, and when applicable, I believe in staging your home to maximize your home strengths and to tailor the rooms to specific buyer needs. Finally, I partner with some of the best people for each step of the process to maximize value for your home.

Selling your home isn't just my job. It's my passion.


Pricing is more than a number. It's about establishing a value for your property through market research, sales trends and buyer demand assessment. I look to maximize your return through metric-based, market-dynamic modeling. In other words, I apply scientific rigor to whatever comes after the $.


When the situation calls for it, staging can truly help buyers to visualize themselves making an offer. Staging your home the right way can provide a boost in offers anywhere from 10% to 20% on up.


Through insights and experience, I have a proven track record of promoting homes in the right way to the right audience at the right price. I leverage my personal and professional network, along with a coordinated marketing push through the appropriate online and offline channels. Your home receives a spotlight that attracts buyers.

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